Committee Descriptions

Certification Committee: The Certification Committee’s mission is to develop and maintain a professional Function Point certification program for counting practitioners, training materials and software tools.Requirements for a Certification Committee Member: A volunteer for the Certification Committee should meet the following requirements:

  • Is currently a Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS)
  • Not a Function Point Analysis vendor
  • One year remaining on CFPS certificate for new member
  • There can be no more than two individuals from one company on the committee at one time (unless multi-lingual, then no more than three)

Communications and Marketing Committee: The Communications and Marketing Committee is responsible for advising the membership of upcoming events and dues through the IFPUG website and weekly eBlasts. A volunteer for the Communications and Marketing Committee does not need to meet any explicit requirements above those stated in the IFPUG Policy and Procedures manual. However, candidates with the following skills are being sought:

  • Experience in marketing
  • Experience with website design and development

Conference Committee:

The Conference Committee’s mission is to ensure that the conference meets or exceeds stated objectives and to successfully promote IFPUG, Function Point Analysis, and metrics as a whole. As such, the committee is responsible for conference planning and execution in support of the overall IFPUG vision. Requirements for a Conference Committee Member: A volunteer of the Conference Committee should meet the following requirements:

  • Committee members must be able to meet frequently, as often as once per week, for an hour to conduct committee business on the phone.
  • Committee members must have good phone connections and be able to accommodate a meeting schedule aligned with UTC/GMT -5 hours business hours (Eastern Time in the US), a time zone that includes the vast majority of IFPUG members. (A typical meeting lasts for an hour from noon to 1 PM Eastern Time on a weekday.)
  • Members must review presentation abstracts and slide decks and participate in drafting promotional materials and forms.
  • Committee members may be asked to attend and support the annual conference and other regional events

Functional Sizing Standards Committee:

The Functional Sizing Standards Committee (FSSC) is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of the IFPUG Counting Practices Manual, serving as a forum for resolving issues in counting methodology, and producing periodic guidance content for the membership. Requirements for an FSSC Member: A member of the FSSC must meet the following requirements in addition to the general requirements for a volunteer:

  • Must be an IFPUG Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS)
  • Must successfully complete a volunteer assignment and present to the entire FSSC to demonstrate counting, teamwork and communication skills
  • Must complete assignments on time and with an outstanding quality level
  • When a position becomes available, FSSC members are considered based on the specific needs of the FSSC
  • Must submit monthly status on projects to the Chair
  • Must be fluent in written and conversational English
  • Cannot exceed the maximum number of committee members from one organization of two (2)

Additional Requirements for FSSC Membership: The FSSC is a demanding and time-consuming committee. The FSSC has 1-2 meetings each month (1-4 hours) via teleconference. Meeting times may include weekends, nights or work days due to local time zones. Additionally, the FSSC tries to meet in-person once a year, typically a 3 day meeting prior to the ISMA conference.

Although occasional absences are acceptable (not to exceed 25%), FSSC members are expected to attend all meetings unless prior arrangements are made with the chair. The chair must be advised of any absence prior to the meeting to ensure the meeting can be efficiently planned.

ISO Committee:

The ISO Committee is responsible for representing IFPUG to the International Organization for Standards (ISO) standards body. The primary purpose is to ensure that IFPUG function points are a recognized international standard. Requirements for an ISO Committee Member are:

  • Must be supportive of IFPUG Functional Size Measurement (FSM).
  • Must be willing to review and provide formal comments within a set timeframe on draft ISO standards and related documents
  • Must be CFPS as well as familiar with current functional size measurement and ISBSG standards
  • Should have a background in formal assessment processes – ISO, Baldrige, CMMI, Six Sigma, or equivalent
  • Should have at least one year of experience related to software development standards – either internal (within a company) or external (e.g., ISO or IEEE).

International Membership Committee:
The International Membership Committee (IMC) is the voice of the membership. The IMC is charged with enhancing the member’s experience, enhancing membership value and increasing membership.  A volunteer of the International Membership Committee should meet the following requirements:

  • Be in touch with the needs of their regional software measurement communities
  • Willing to organize and/or lead local initiatives
  • Willing to attend conference call meetings at odd hours of the day to facilitate worldwide membership involvement

Non-Functional Sizing Standards Committee:

The NFSS Committee is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of the IFPUG SNAP Assessment Practices Manual, serving as a forum for sizing and estimating software Non-Functional requirements. The committee will also resolve issues in SNAP counting methodology; provide periodic guidance content for the members such as Case Studies, White Papers, webinars, and Helpful Hints videos. A member of the NFSS Committee should meet the following requirements:

  • Must have attended a SNAP workshop
  • Preferably SNAP certified