Online Membership Application

The Online Membership Application is located within the secured IFPUG Member Services Area. To join IFPUG by using the Online Membership Application, start by going to the Welcome Page in the IFPUG Member Services Area. Once there, click on the [Login] button in the left column and follow the steps to register, as a guest, for access. Once you have a guest account, you may Login and proceed to the [Online Store] where you can purchase a membership in IFPUG.

Once in the Online Store, Select Membership from the Shop For drop-down list. Leave the Search For fields blank, and click on [Go].

The resulting display provides tiles for 8 different membership types.  Click on the (underlined) type title in the tile for the one you want.

Then fill in the form and click [Add to Cart].  If your shopping cart contains what you want, proceed to checkout.

If you want to apply for a University Membership, or if you need to pay by Wire Transfer, first contact the IFPUG Office  (609 799-4900)  for detailed instructions.