Сообщение от президента IFPUG, Кристина Грин


In this difficult time around the world due to COVID-19, мы все должны думать о том, как мы работаем, включая IFPUG.

Наши мысли и молитвы для всех наших членов и партнеров в этой сложной ситуации. Повсюду в мире вирус оказывает влияние на нашу жизнь. First in the east regions of the world, right now in Europe and we hope that other regions and countries will be able to manage and respond to the thread in a timely and proper manner. My eyes are now in all the world and in those regions with largest number of IFPUG members. My sympathy is send to areas highly impacted such as China and Italy. The best way to contribute is to follow the guidance from your local authority and if possible #Оставайся дома. Дания, where I live, is experiencing a situation that we have not seen since World War II: empty streets, closed schools and sheltered families in our own home.

My deepest respect goes out to those of our IFPUG members and volunteers that right now is contributing with their time and effort to support the local communities in this situation.

Despite the worldwide challenges, IFPUG will continue in a prudent manner. We will suspend group certifications immediately and continue to support privately held certifications for individuals.

My best wishes to all of you.

Кристина Грин
Президент IFPUG

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