Die Zukunft formen!

IFPUG freut mich, die 7. jährliche Internation Software Measurement Verband Konferenz in Phoenix bekannt zu geben, Arizona, Oktober 30-31, 2012. Es wird für beiden erfahrenen und nicht-erfahrene Teilnehmer über Workshops vor der Konferenz im Oktober eine vollständige Kader von Lernmöglichkeiten sein 28-29.

Die Frist für die Einreichung ist vergangen.

This year’s conference theme will emphasize the application and contribution of measurement to the business, technical and career development aspects of the software industry. Conference presentations should explore both practical and theorectical aspects of measurement related to software and its uses as well as the frontiers of measurement in all areas of the software industry. Potential approaches, Methoden, experiences and ideas related to software measurement and its uses in business, industry and society-at-large are all topics open for discussion.

Leveraging upon our success at ISMA 6 im 2011, this year’s conference will also include interactive sessions where groups of people with common interests and needs will have the opportunity to select an issue in the software industry for discussion, and then discuss and analyze the issues, ultimately proposing to the membership a response to the issue. This approach is intended to initiate and sustain efforts in the measurement community to solve some core problems. Detailed information for conference attendees will be provided through frequent follow-up messages over the coming months leading up to the conference.

In addition to industry leading speakers, there will be presentations from many practitioners and experts in the software measurement field.

Presentations centered on innovation and value creation related to any issues in the software industry where measurement is a factor are especially requested and will be given special consideration for selection.

This is an excellent opportunity to present your ideas and share your experiences in measurement and analysis, Prozessverbesserung, project management techniques and other subjects related to software measurement and its relationship to performance management, development methodologies and related disciplines. We are looking for presentation content that covers the depth and breadth of subjects important to all measurement specialists. Topics may be geared to the novice as well as the seasoned professional. Creativity is welcomed and presentaitons that involve attendee interaction are encouraged. The agenda is not limited to traditional presentation styles.

We hope to see you in Phoenix in October 2012 for ISMA7.

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