SNAP 2.0 APM – 評論 & 測試版


作為IFPUG的成員, IFPUG SNAP核心團隊邀請您和您的開發組織參加軟件非功能評估過程第二版的審查和Beta測試 (SNAP) 評估實踐手冊 (APM).

審查和 Beta 測試對於驗證修改後的方法和校準模型至關重要. 僅與您的組織’ 輸入我們可以測試這種確定與軟件開發相關的技術要求的增強方法嗎.

SNAP 團隊已從該方法的初始用戶那裡獲得反饋,以生成版本 2.0 APM的. 此版本應回答初始測試期間提出的許多問題,並提供對某些類別的更簡單的評估. 完成貴組織的輸入後, 快照 2.0 將提供一個更好的工具來衡量非功能性需求.

SNAP 團隊正在請求包括您在內的各種組織的參與. 這將使我們能夠產生有效的方法發布. 這項重要的努力是志願者的承諾. 每個組織將被要求評估五個項目並評論他們使用該方法的經驗. SNAP 團隊將提供一個表格來記錄您的努力, 結果和經驗.

Beta 測試和審查的時間將在 8 月 1 日之間 2012 和 8 月 31 日 2012. 將向 Beta 測試人員提供 SNAP 評估實踐手冊,他們需要閱讀該手冊並建立基本理解. 將為所有 Beta 測試人員舉行會議,以提供模型的概述並澄清任何問題和疑慮. 本次會議將於 8 月 7 日在 11 AM 美國東部時間.

如果您有興趣成為 SNAP Beta 測試組織, 請回复 21 七月 2012 通過向以下電子郵件地址發送電子郵件:

[email protected]

來自參與組織的所有數據都將嚴格保密. IFPUG will eliminate any reference to individuals or organizations prior to passing data to the rest of the team. This test is the next critical step in an effort that has taken over two years to develop, and it can not succeed without you!

Chair of the Non-Functional Standard Committee

PSM 16th Annual UsersGroup Meetings and Workshops, 30 七月 – 3 八月 2012

You are all invited to attend our Practical Software and Systems Measurement (PSM) 16th Annual PSM UsersGroup Meetings and Workshops. The theme this year isUsing Measurement to make Hard Choices in a Constrained Environment.There are some wonderful presentations scheduled for this year, including a keynote by Chris Gunderson onEinstein’s Velvet Gloved FIST: Sneaking Acquisition Agility in Under the Radar,” and a second keynote by Mike McLendon of the Software Engineering Institute. There are also some great presentations on measurement experiences at large organizations, 估計, 保養, 雲, IT services, system-of-systems, and many others.

There will also be a series of workshops addressing measurement as it relates to performance measurement/affordability, system and software architecture, agile developments, maintenance estimation, SE in System-of-Systems, technical debt, and operational analytics. There are lots of great topics!

The UsersGroup is being held at the Renaissance Portsmouth Hotel this year, a wonderful hotel. All participants will receive a reduced hotel rate of $89 per night (this is a great rate for this hotel). The registration form is available on the PSM web site, 下 “活動,” with a link to the site to receive the UsersGroup rate.

The UsersGroup will begin with a 1-day training session, for those who are new to PSM and for PSM trainers, to review the revised training course. An agenda with presentations and workshop descriptions has been posted on the PSM web site ( – this will be updated as plans are finalized.

欲獲得更多信息, contact the PSM Support Center at [email protected], Dave Morris at 703-405-2191, or Cheryl Jones at 973-724-2644.

IWSM-MENSURA 2012 – Call for Participation

IWSM 2012 GUFPI-ISMA is pleased to announce the Joint Conference of the 22nd International Workshop on Software Measurement and the 7th International Conference on Software Process and Product Measurement in Assisi (意大利), 十月 18-19, 2012.

There will be wide learning opportunities for both experienced and non-experienced participants via workshops preceding the conference on 十月 17.

The participation to all workshops is included in the registration fee, as well as 2 nights (with breakfasts).

It represents also a good opportunity for visiting and enjoying Italy in a nice period, before or after the conference time.

Further details and info at: HTTP://

Hope to see you in Assisi in October 2012 對於 IWSM-MENSURA 2012!