The SNAP Quick Reference Guide V2.1.3 is now available in Spanish and Portuguese! This “Quick” Reference Tool is Now Available Online!

This compact guide highlights important features of the SNAP methodology in a quick easy to read document. This is a great resource that complements the SNAP manual. 為了獲得一個副本, 導航到 IFPUG會員服務區, 登錄, 並選擇在線商店. You’ll see the guides listed as a Featured Product. 單擊鏈接到文件上, 和, 在打開的下一個窗口, 將文檔添加到您的購物車. 然後進行結算完成交易.

然後去 “我IFPUG信息”, 選擇 “我的交易”, 然後選擇“我的下載產品”, 上右鍵單擊 “產品名稱” 超鏈接, 並選擇 “目標另存為” 下載和保存文件.