SNAP workshop in programma per luglio 11 – 19!

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Impegno di dimensionamento standard non funzionale (NFSSC) offrirà un workshop virtuale, Un'introduzione al processo di valutazione non funzionale del software (SNAP) come una serie di quattro giorni di sessioni di tre ore tenutasi a luglio 11, luglio 12, luglio 18 e luglio 19, 2013, a partire dal 11 AM a 2:30 PM ET.

At the completion of this workshop, i partecipanti saranno in grado di effettuare una valutazione dei requisiti non funzionali (NFRS) for a project or application to obtain their NFR size in a rigorous, objective manner.

The expected target audience is composed of Measurement and Development specialists seeking the IFPUG guideline for sizing and estimating NFRs. The participants of the workshop are expected to have a basic understanding of the IFPUG CPM.

All participants will need to download a copy of the latest version of the SNAP APM 2.1 release from the online store. The course will be taught by instructors who have been active members of the IFPUG SNAP Committee.

Each workshop session will run 3 hours including two ten minute breaks. Case studies will be completed between the workshop sessions. The instructor will involve each of the attendees in the case studies.

Registration Fees (Dollaro statunitense)

Fee Type Member Fee Non-Member Fee
Early: $1,000.00 $1,000.00
Regolare: $1,000.00 $1,000.00
Late: $1,000.00 $1,000.00

Ready to register? Clicca qui! Note after you click on the [Register For This Event] button you will be required to log in to the IFPUG Member Services Area.

Nota: If there are enough registrations from a single geography, a separate workshop will be set up to accommodate that geographical time zone.

Also remember to download the Assessment Practice Manual (APM) 2.1 release from the IFPUG online store prior to the workshop.

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