SNAP対面 2 3月にマドリッドで開催される日セミナー 24 – 25 の一部として 2014 ISMA 9 会議!


SNAP Virtual Workshop Scheduled for February 6 に 11, 2014!

非機能サイジング標準化委員会 (NFSSC) 2つのワークショップを提供します, 両方の権利 “ソフトウェアの非機能性評価プロセスの概要 (スナップ)”.

Madrid two-day face to face SNAP workshop, 行進 24 – 25

A two-day face-to-face workshop will be held on March 24 – 25 in Madrid during the ISMA 9 会議, in which attendees can interact with peers and other people who have extended knowledge in using SNAP.

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Virtual 4-day workshop, 2月 6 – 11

The virtual workshop will focus on those who cannot join ISMA9.

This workshop will be held as a four-day series of three-hour sessions held on February 6, 2月 7, 2月 10 2月 11, 2014, から 2:00 PMさん 5:00 PM EST.

Each session will take 3 時間, with two 10-minute breaks. Case studies will be given as extensions to the breaks and between the sessions.

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For both workshops:

At the completion of the workshop, 参加者は、非機能要件の評価を行うことができるようになります (NFRs) 厳密にNFRサイズを取得するプロジェクトまたはアプリケーション, 客観的.

The expected target audience includes Measurement and Development specialists seeking to understand the IFPUG guidelines for sizing and estimating NFRs. ワークショップの参加者は、IFPUG CPMの基本を理解している必要があります。.

The course will be taught by instructors from IFPUG’s Non-Functional Sizing Standards Committee.

All participants will need to have a copy of the latest version of the SNAP APM 2.1. Please download the Assessment Practice Manual (APM) 解除 2.1 from the IFPUG online store prior to the Virtual workshop.