आपले IFPUG सदस्यत्व नूतनीकरण वेळ!

आमच्याकडे आपले सदस्यत्व नूतनीकरण करण्याची वेळ आली आहे! कृपया या सोप्या चरणांचे अनुसरण करा:

1. पहिला, log in to the सदस्य सेवा क्षेत्र using the primary email address we have for you on file. आपल्याला आपला संकेतशब्द आठवत नसेल तर, कृपया यावर क्लिक करा “संकेतशब्द विसरलात” to have it mailed to you.

2. Once logged in to the Member Services Area, on the top navigation open the “माझी IFPUG माहिती” drop-down menu and select theMy transactionsoption. On the माझे व्यवहार पृष्ठ, क्लिक करा “Pay Open Ordersदुवा. Once you do so, check the box next to your open dues order and hit theNext” बटण; then proceed to pay your dues via credit card.

We strongly encourage you to use our easy online renewal! मात्र, म्हणून नेहमी, please feel free to return your invoice with payment by check.

If you need to print an IFPUG invoice, visit the IFPUG Member Services area and click onमाझे व्यवहारunder theमाझी IFPUG माहितीdrop-down menu. On the माझे व्यवहार पृष्ठ, in the first section, वर क्लिक करा View More link for the invoice that shows your dues amount. A separate , printable screen will appear; वर क्लिक करा “Print this Pagein the top right corner of the page. Please remember to submit this invoice with your check! Wire transfer information is also available.

Please contact us if you need further assistance!




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