IFPUG खरोखर जागतिक: आंतरराष्ट्रीय सदस्यत्व समिती (IMC)

IFPUG खरोखर जागतिक: आंतरराष्ट्रीय सदस्यत्व समिती (IMC)

IFPUG आंतरराष्ट्रीय सदस्यत्व समितीच्या मिशन सदस्यता मदत प्रदान करण्यात आणि विनंत्या कोणत्याही प्रकारचे निराकरण करण्यासाठी आहे, शंका किंवा काहीही संबंधित चौकशी व IFPUG सर्वकाही.

कोणताही सदस्य IFPUG कार्यालय थेट IFPUG संपर्क साधू शकता (प्रिन्स्टन जंक्शन स्थित, न्यू जर्सी, संयुक्त राज्य; Princeton Junction is halfway between New York and Philadelphia), but in addition to, different country representatives exists in different parts of the world close to the members of a given country and speaking the same language. प्रत्यक्षात, country representatives exist in Brazil, इटली, भारत, स्पेन, China and it is obvious that all queries can be addressed by the experts who are not only people from those countries but who also speak the same language. The specific emails of the different country representatives can be found on the IFPUG contact page, आणि who is who can be found here. This group of persons, with a high spirit of service, are the first layer of IFPUG which directly interacts with end users, in addition to the main office.

The objective of this group, in addition to this spirit of service, is enhancing the member’s experience and value, and interact with them quickly. Only from Brazil, Italy and India (the countries with a higher number of IFPUG certificates) yearly IMC resolves more than 350 requests.

Based on these three countries, in India the number of requests per year increased by 20% in the last two years; in Italy the average resolution time is around 5-10 minutes per request; and in Brazil almost one request was resolved every day.

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  • Country Representative’s main aim is helping to provide better and quick services to its members.
  • Number of requests being handled every year is increasing drastically. People are now more aware of country representatives who could quickly resolve all their issues.
  • All members and non-members can contact their country representatives for quick response on anything related to IFPUG.
  • The different country representative’s contacts can be found in the IFPUG contact page.

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