Международная функции точки Users Group (IFPUG) объявляет BIG NEWS IN JAPAN!!


ПРИНСТОН СОЕДИНЕНИЯ, Нью-Джерси, октября 14, 2010

В Японии, стандарты серьезно.

Japan Industrial Standard устанавливается министром экономики, Торговли и промышленности, в соответствии с японским законодательством “Закон промышленной стандартизации”.
КН (Комитет промышленных стандартов Японии) is governed by the Ministry of Economy, Торговли и промышленности (METI). In other words, national industrial standards are centralized and government approved.

On June 2010, JIS X 0142 was published as an official JIS standard.
This release means that the JIS now include sizing concepts as a core part of standard processes. The IFPUG method is already the most popularly used Functional Sizing Method in Japan – but establishing its position within the JIS will bring significant impacts to promote Functional sizing culture to Japanese IT fields. This is especially important to national and local governments and related public sector agencies.

Acceptance at this level is the result of many years work in drafting the standard to JIS format.

JFPUG (Japanese Function Point Users Group) is now responsible for all drafting activities of all FSM related standards for the Japan Industrial Standard. Jacky Takahashi is the Technical Officer for Standardization, JFPUG, and is the person who has driven this important initiative through a long, difficult but potentially rewarding process.

This milestone is extremely important to IT management in Japan. Whilst direct impact in other places may be incidental, the ability to bring Japanese organizations the benefits of functional sizing within a JIS context is likely to assist communication and co-operation at all levels.

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