ISMA力是10月 2 在里約熱內盧, 巴西. 以下是演講和小組討論會的最終陣容.


“軟件度量和治理的完善公共部門” – 拿撒勒Bretas

Nazaré is the Undersecretary for the Secretary of Logistics and Technology in the Brazilian Ministry of Planning and Administration. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Fundacao Joao Pinheiro, and is currently working toward a doctoral degree in Political Science at UFRGS. 納扎雷一直是軟件行業近 30 年份, 22 其作為Prodabel公務員的.

The future of IFPUG and of Function Point Analysis ” – 基督勞倫斯

Kriste is the IFPUG Vice-President and next IFPUG President, starting November 1st, 2013.She is an Organizational Quality Engineer and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt at HP Enterprise Services, and works in Performance and Process Improvement, 量化管理, 測量和漿紗.


Special Presentation

“SNAP – 過去, Present and future” – Christine Green and Talmon Ben-Cnaan

Christine Green is the IFPUG Director of Applied Programs and is the EMEA Manager for Measurement & 在惠普公司的估算過程. 在過去的 10 years she has focused on Process Improvement especially in the area of Estimating and Metrics – 而且在實施過程中,如CMMI, SOX, ISO, ITIL. Christine led the IFPUG Initiative to create the SNAP method.

Talmon Ben-Cnaan is the Chair of the IFPUG Non-Functional Sizing Standards Committee, and is a Quality manager at Amdocs where he has been a leader of software metrics activities for two years.

In addition to the keynote presentations, ISMA will include the following presenters in panel discussions.

Panel: 遊戲規則: 建立初始條件價格每FP合同

Can a fixed price 6,000 Function Point project be successful ?” – 馬爾西奧西爾韋拉

Marcio was, for six years, director of IFPUG International and Organizational Affairs. 他擁有超過 30 多年的IT行業經驗,在位置與過程改進, application development. and management and consulting. 目前,他是項目經理和風險諮詢公司在惠普內部的應用程序和業務服務, 支持多種HP客戶.

“使用度量標準的軟件合同準則的定義” – 克勞迪婭哈杉

The role of the public administrator in bringing success to software factory contracts through function point measurements” – 塔蒂亞娜利馬

Tatiana is a specialist in software metrics and estimates. She graduated in Computer Science from the State University of Rio de Janeiro, and earned a Master of Engineering in Computer Systems degree from the Military Institute of Engineering (IME). She has been a Certified Function Point Specialist since 2001.

Panel: 軟件測試的未來 – 尺寸

“自動化功能點 – 威脅還是機遇” – 喬·斯科菲爾德

喬·斯科菲爾德是國際功能點用戶組的主席和一名獨立顧問. 他從Sandia國家實驗室退休的技術人員的傑出會員31年的職業生涯後,. 喬已經促成了超過 100 兩隊在軟件規範的領域, 團隊建設和組織計劃利用精益六西格瑪和業務流程再造.

May the odds be ever in your favor” 你真的會依靠它嗎? – 卡洛斯·愛德華多·巴斯克斯

Carlos Vazquez is the owner of FATTO Consultoria e Sistemas, and is an Information Technology and Services Consultant. He is an information technology professional with over 20 years of experience in application and system software development, maintenance and management directing technology towards people needs. He envisions technologies for software measurement (functional sizing in specialsuch as function points counting as defined by IFPUG, NESMA and COSMIC) as fundamental tools for accomplishing that goal.

Measuring the Function Points for Cloud tools” – Ponmudi Mylsamy

Ponmudi is a Senior Software Engineer at Accenture, 班加羅爾, in the Bengaluru area in India, and provides Management Consulting.

Panel: Future of Software MeasurementOther Areas

“您是否擁有正確的軟件工具可以在雲端飛行?” – 史蒂夫伍德沃德

Steve Woodward is founder and CEO of Cloud Perspectives, 位於渥太華, 安大略, 加拿大. 他是軟件測試行業的領導者, 估計和治理了 20 年份. 目前,他正領導美國商業部, 美國國家標準技術研究所 (NIST) Cloud Computing Carrier sub-group, to clarify the roles and activities for data transportation service providers.

“軟件估算 – The next level” – 噸德克斯

Ton is Director of Consulting at Galorath International Ltd, Eindhoven Area, 荷蘭, and the President of NESMA (Netherlands Software Metrics users Association).

Towards new indicators and repositories” – 萊昂內爾·佩羅

Lionel is a Consultant manager at Semantys (Groupe Astek) Paris, 法國.

也, don’t forget to attend Open Space on Oct. 1 featuring John Wright of JPL Laboratories who will talk about the software involved in controlling the Mars Rover. Steve Woodward will demonstrate how Function Point Analysis can be applied to this type of software.

We think you will find ISMA 8 to be a thought-provoking experience.

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