ISMA7 теперь история, и когда солнце садится на Фениксе, оно восходит к ISMA8 в Рио-де-Жанейро., Бразилия в 2013!

ISMA7 в Фениксе был чрезвычайно разнообразным мероприятием по измерению программного обеспечения, с презентациями, охватывающими культурные перспективы, мобильный, азартные игры, предварительный расчет, передовые технологии и, конечно, функциональные и нефункциональные размеры. The panel discussion with Systems Integrators and Function Point experts was very energetic, demonstrating the need and commitment to software measurement in the Information Technology industry.

This year’s conference included executive presentations including the CIO from Caesars Entertainment, Charly Paelinck, Senior VP of US Sales at Insight, Dave Woodward and Dr. Рикардо Valerdi, Доцент, Университет штата Аризона, Департамент систем & Промышленная инженерия, Jacob Kashiwagi, M.S., Program Manager, Arizona State University (PBSRG), providing a glimpse into the future of Information Technology. There were also many presentations which covered Measurement, Technology, and Innovations which are sure to Shape the Future.

Along with the workshops which preceded the conference, the educational possibilities were plentiful. Как всегда, networking opportunities coupled with good food abounded. Those who joined us at the Special Event held at the Phoenix Zoo will attest to an enjoyable, relaxing evening of good food and good company. The Conference ended with the IFPUG Annual Meeting where Linda Hughes was honored with the 2011 Outstanding Contribution Award. In addition members of the Information Technology Performance Committee were honored with the 2011 Outstanding Achievement Award. The Innovations Works! Award sponsored by David Consulting Group was awarded to Lionel Perrot.

An autographed copy of the new book The IFPUG Guide to IT and Software Measurement was presented to David Thompson. This book was made possible by many dedicated IFPUG members whose work was greatly appreciated.

So start planning now to join us late September or early October for ISMA8 in Rio de Janiero, Бразилия. You won’t want to miss out!

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