Mitglieder Make It Happen!

Wissen Sie, dass im vergangenen Jahr?

  • Membership has experienced increases
  • An alternative membership structure was developed and proposed
  • A pilot pricing structure was piloted in India for the CFPS exam
  • A new version of SNAP was created
  • SNAP APM Part I was released under Creative Commons License
  • The Certified Function Point Practitioner was implemented
  • The CFPS Fellow was approved for those with 20 Jahre kontinuierliche Zertifizierung
  • Etwa 500 certifications were granted or renewed
  • An IFPUG library was collected and is awaiting its new home
  • The Member Fuse website was implemented including a new discussion board
  • The former website was sustained until Avectra was released
  • Avectra was implemented allowing self-updates and purchases through the site
  • IFPUG helped to sponsor the ISBSG workshops
  • Mauricio Aguiar was elected as Vice President of the ISBSG organization
  • ISMA7 and workshops were held in Phoenix, DAS
  • Rio de Janeiro was selected as the location of ISMA8
  • Der IFPUG Leitfaden für IT und Software Measurement was published
  • The new ITMAC developed a mission and vision statements
  • der Januar 2013 edition of MetricViews was developed and mailed
  • A number of committees were restructured to align with emerging membership needs


Each IFPUG committee and CMA staff contributed to this list of accomplishments. Each committee is composed of IFPUG volunteers whose efforts are recognized and appreciated through a number of forums, this being but one. To re-iterate . . . Mitglieder Make It Happen – THANK YOU – your efforts make for a stronger and more industry-relevant organization!

Joe Schofield on behalf of the IFPUG Board

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