Membership Information

IFPUG members are part of an association dedicated to improving the quality and future of the information technology industry. IFPUG is the steward of the Function Point standard, the most widely recognized method used today to size software.

Membership in IFPUG provides a number of opportunities and benefits:

  • Access to education and professional growth through attending the semi-annual IFPUG Workshops and annual IFPUG Conference at special membership rates.
  • Networking opportunities provided by informal exchanges during the Workshops and Conferences.
  • Access to IFPUG materials (e.g., the Function Point Counting Practices Manual and the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group publications) at special, membership rates.
  • The opportunity to join a local IFPUG Chapter, so that you can exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn about new techniques on an ongoing basis, in your local area.
  • The opportunity to participate in advancing the state-of-the-art of software measurement through working on IFPUG committees.
  • Networking opportunities provided by working with peers on IFPUG committees.
  • The opportunity through Vendor Showcases to meet with vendors and see the latest products that are available to support your software measurement and improvement efforts.
  • The opportunity to prepare for, and then become a Certified Function Point Specialist through the IFPUG Certification program, which would establish your credentials as a specialist in the growing field of software metrics.

When all the types of IFPUG memberships, including those of IFPUG-associated Affiliates and Chapters, are considered, IFPUG serves over 1,200 members in more than 30 countries. The members come from every major industry segment including aerospace, automotive, banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, and telecommunications.

Membership in IFPUG is open to any individual, corporation, university/college faculty member or student, or appropriate software-metrics-interested organization that is willing to subscribe to the goals and policies of IFPUG, and wishes to join IFPUG in their pursuit. You may join anytime during the year. The standard IFPUG membership year is July 1 – June 30.

There are four types of Regular Memberships, two types of Academic Memberships, and a Junior Membership.  Here are the Dues Structures.

Renewal Process

Each Key Contact-1 will be mailed a membership renewal invoice notice from the IFPUG office before 30th June each year. The renewal notice will include a renewal notice and any other pertinent materials. Each Key Contact-1 is responsible for renewing the membership or is to designate a person responsible.

A second and third renewal notice will be mailed to Key Contacts 1 in July and August. It is the responsibility of the Key Contact-1 to renew the membership before September 1. If the membership is not renewed (postmarked) by September 1, the membership will be terminated and changed to a Non Member (NM) status. If a member does not renew before September 1 and their membership status is terminated, the member has the option to join IFPUG again at the New Member rate.

In order to ensure the equitable application of membership renewals to the privileges granted by the IFPUG certifications to IFPUG membership, the Board of Directors has enacted the following policy :

Certification Non-Renewal Penalty

IFPUG membership is required to sit for the various certification examinations and continued membership is required to retain the certification.  In order to retain certification and membership privileges membership renewals must be received by July 1st each year.  If however a membership renewal is received by the IFPUG office after August 31st, reinstatement will require both the payment of the membership dues and a late fee.

All certifications within the corporation are addressed by the reinstatement fees for regular, Countrywide, and Worldwide corporate members. Failure to reinstate your privileges before December 31st will cause the final forfeiture of all certification privileges without exception.


A person or corporation joining IFPUG as Regular Member between January 1 and April 30 of any year will be charged a prorated dues amount equal to one-half the current yearly fee. A person or corporation joining IFPUG as a Regular Member between May 1 and June 30 of any year will be charged the full yearly fee. However, such person or corporation will be awarded membership through June 30 of the following year. e.g. A person joining on May 1 will receive fourteen months membership for the price of twelve.

You can join IFPUG by using the Online Membership Application. Once you have a guest account, you can purchase online a membership in IFPUG.

Once you become a member, you may want to become an IFPUG Volunteer.  If so, download and fill out our volunteer form. Instructions for submission are at the bottom of the form.

You are now just a click away from starting an IFPUG relationship, a relationship that will pay big dividends. We look forward to meeting you at an IFPUG Workshop and/or Conference in the near future.