Mensaje del Consejo de Administración

El Consejo de Administración IFPUG ha estado trabajando diligentemente para evaluar la organización e identificar los cambios que sirva mejor a los miembros y mejorar la eficiencia. Algunos de estos cambios afectar los comités de voluntarios y cómo van a continuar en su apoyo a la misión IFPUG. One of the changes involves the New Environments Committee (Comité ejecutivo nacional) and the Counting Practices Committee (CPC).

It is felt that with the Counting Practices Manual (CPM) stabilized and ISO approved, the majority of the CPC work will focus on producing content in support of the IFPUG Function Point methodology. This is also the current focus of the NEC. Como resultado, the Board has decided that the CPC and the NEC will merge to form the Functional Sizing Standards Committee (FSSC). Tammy Preuss will be the Chairperson of the FSSC and Bonnie Brown will serve as the Vice Chairperson.

Merging the committees into the FSSC will:

  • Eliminate ‘cross’ review of content between committees allowing for more timely releases of content
  • Eliminate duplication/crossover of content deliverables
  • Allow for one set of priorities regarding topics of interest to the IFPUG membership enabling content deliverables to focus on membership needs
  • Allow for one committee to provide all counting standards and application of the ‘rules’ content
  • Incorporate ideas from a larger audience of people with different perspectives

The Board would like to thank all current and past members of both the NEC and CPC for their hard work and dedication and looks forward to working with the FSSC in providing content deliverables to the IFPUG membership.

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