Software Process Assessment non-funzionali (SNAP) nuovo white paper

L'integrazione di procedure per Function Point Analysis e il processo di valutazione Software non funzionante (SNAP) white paper, parte 2

Il Comitato di dimensionamento standard funzionali (FSSC) e Standards Committee Dimensionamento non-funzionali (NFSSC) are excited to announce the release of the “Integrating Procedures for Function Point Analysis and the Software Non-functional Assessment Process (SNAP)” white paper part 2, Uso efficace del FPA e SNAP per prestazioni Misure, Stima e Benchmarking.

Parte 2 focuses on metrics that are derived from sizehow to effectively use the resulting size data. The paper provides guidance on how organizations can incorporate SNAP into their measurements program, Compreso:

  • Using function points and SNAP points to improve the accuracy of effort estimation.
  • Calculating project performance and benchmarks.

IFPUG offers the white paper at no charge to members and can be found on the online store. You can obtain a copy logging in area socio IFPUG, and selecting this featured product in the IFPUG online store.


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