ISMA10 – 重要的日子!

ISMA10 “通過測量創造價值”, 將於四月舉行 30, 2015
夏洛特, 北卡羅來納 美國

Over the last several years Information Technology organizations have been moving their focus from software to services and non-functional issues. Function Point Analysis still remains a beneficial technique for estimating and sizing software solutions from functional user requirements, but needs to be augmented by other metrics that deal with the non-functional side. SNAP, the new IFPUG method for sizing non-functional requirements does that. 服務管理眾所周知的最佳實踐, 如信息技術基礎設施庫 (ITIL) 和ISO 20000 標準, consider ‘valueas the key metric. 與平衡利益相關者的短期和長期目標有不同的觀點基於價值的管理處理, 使用知情決策留在市場上的競爭.

This tenth edition of the IFPUG ISMA Conference will provide a forum for practitioners and researchers to discuss the most recent advances in planning and sustaining measurement programs from both practical and theoretical perspectives. 我們邀請負責人才, 捲入到, 或感興趣的軟件測量分享創新理念, 經驗, 而這個範圍內的擔憂.


  • 摘要提交: 九月 22, 2014
  • 接受/拒絕的通知: 十月 20, 2014
  • 完整演示/論文徵集: Dec 15, 2014
  • 最後陳述/版紙: 二月 8, 2015

Send submissions to Abstracts should not be longer than 2 網頁. Papers (有相關介紹) and Slide Show Presentations will be accepted. Presentations must not be longer than 25 幻燈片, with no commercials other than a single slide presenting your own organization, 而論文必須不長於 10 網頁.

欲獲得更多信息, see the ISMA10 web page.